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2k11 user.css generator

2k11 offers the possibility to include an optional user.css file to make it easy to tweak the template to your liking. This file is also safe in case of an update since it is not part of the original template, so it will not be overwritten.

Configure your user.css boilerplate

Hint: You don't have to add both layout types if you plan to only use one. In fact, it will unnecessarily blow up your user.css. Please make sure to enter sensible values in the form fields. The generator does not check the values you enter.

Also note that a stylesheet generated automagically like this one will most likely look a bit dull compared to a handcrafted one. Especially the color scheme will most likely merely be a starting point due to the limitations of the (or any, for that matter) generator.

Desktop layout (for resolutions > 768px)
Basic color scheme

CSS3 gradients support

If you enter the 2nd nav colors, the generator will add CSS3 gradient backgrounds for the navigation just like 2k11 uses by default. This will add a subtle plastic feel to the navigation.

As to how to pick these colors, 2k11 by default uses colors which are a tad lighter than the 1st colors. It's hard to give you a ballpark value here, but about 10-15% lighter should do the trick. You can also use the Fill-Button to propagate the 2nd color with a (roughly) suitable value.

Note that these gradients will only be added to the generated user.css if you actually enter a 2nd color. You'll probably want to provide 2nd colors for both nav and hovered nav.

Navigation color scheme

Your user.css boilerplate code

Copy and paste this section into your user.css. Remember you need to create that file and upload it to the template directory as well as explicitly activate it in the theme options.